Is No Madge in the Hunger Games Movie a Surprise?

Everybody was happy when they got to the casting of Haymitch and hadn’t screwed anything up. Well guess what? There will be no Madge in The Hunger Games movie. Madge is the mayor’s daughter and is one of Katniss’ friends. Madge visits Katniss after the reaping and gives her the iconic mockingjay pin. Well apparently that won’t happen. I am not crushed by this, but I am excited to see how Katniss gets the pin. So here is my question for you: Should there be a Madge in The Hunger Games? I could really care less because I never really cared for Madge. Sure she was nice to give Katniss that pin, but that was all she ever did for Katniss. I am just tired of fighting what they do to the movie and I am ready to kick back and shut my piehole. Just not right now. Actually never. Me shut my piehole? It would be a freaking miracle.

Now back to the movie. Cinna has not been cast yet and since they are rehearsing this week and should start filming shortly that is a little weird. I know there has to be a Cinna in the movie, but who will play him and when will they let us know? I hope soon. Who do you think should play Cinna? Let us know who you think!

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