Is This Poster What Bodes For Percy Jackson & The Olympians?

Because if it does, this movie is going to suck.

Movie posters (one-sheets) are a tricky thing. As part of a film’s marketing head of steam, the poster needs to eye-poppingly convey the tone and gist of the film it’s advertising. Sometimes they succeed as art, sometimes they succeed at stoking interest and other times, well… they don’t (I’m looking at your lazy attempts, floating heads).

Not that I’ve been anticipating the upcoming winner of “Bloated title of the Century”: Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightening Thief (I won’t be retyping that again, BTW), but this poster with a bunch of painted snakes weakly Photoshopped on Uma Thurman’s HUGE head is awful. Awful.

I may be a nitpicking bastard, but when I see dollar store crap like this plowing the way for a pretty sizable release, I can’t help but smell a tepid The Seeker or The Spiderwick Chronicles sized opening for Harry Potter vet Christopher Columbus’ next foray into the fantastical. For shame, Fox 2000 and Midnight Oil Creative. For. Shame.

Click to biggefy the travesty.

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