It’s Like if Juno Didn’t Get Knocked Up

That Ellen Page. So cute and charming and accessible– what’s not to like? Just about zero, that’s what. And with her upcoming Drew Barrymore directed girl power film Whip It combining Page’s magnetism with the all-but-forgotten magnetism of roughchick roller derby, you can look forward to a celebration of both quirk and heartwarming life affirmation.

Viva la vida:

2 comments On It’s Like if Juno Didn’t Get Knocked Up

  • This looks funny and charming. And not the Michael Jackson kinda charming. Ellen Page is adorable. Like Amy Adams I just want to give her a big hug and share an ice cream with her.

  • Speaking of Michael Jackson, I’m pretty sure he started out by just wanting to “give big hugs” and “share ice cream” with them…

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