Joaquin Phoenix Nutjob Plague Spreads to Billy Bob

joaquin-phoenix-beardRemember back in February when Joaquin Phoenix was on The Late Show with David Letterman and appeared as if  (a) aliens had abducted him and replaced him with the biggest doped out nerd from their planet or (b) was under the influence of some extremely heavy pain medication – most likely because his new beard was so heavy, or (c) suffered some mental trauma after staring at Reese Witherspoon’s chin while  filming “Walk the Line.” Your guess is as good as mine. Either way, he’s a nutjob and has retired from movies and moved into his new career as a craptastic rap artist.

Well, move over Joaquin. According to CNN and The LA Times, Billy Bob Thornton suffered a little pissy hissy fit meltdown on a Canadian radio program. Why? Apparently Mr. Thornton wants to be considered a serious musician and wants no reference to his acting career mentioned in the same breath as his playing the drums with his hillbilly band, The Boxmasters.

Here’s what I think: These guys are smug, arrogant bastards. Joaquin Phoenix is having a delayed meltdown from his acting in “Space Camp,” and Billy Bob is just pissed he’s currently the most typecast actor in Hollywood. Guess what Billy Bob, just because you get work doesn’t mean you have talent. When a studio needs an angry, redneck old man to play an angry, redneck old man, they call you. That’s a one note dog and pony show headlined by only you.

Both these guys will crap out in their respective music careers, just as Michael Jordan flunked at baseball.

See both bizarre videos below.


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