Join Us on the KVNU For The People Movie Show Tonight!

Tonight marks another edition of the KVNU For the People Movie Show on 610 AM (for Utah listeners; our national audience can tune in online by clicking here).  Tyler Riggs, Dan Vinton and I will be talking, amongst our usual hilarious banter, the following topics:

  • What’s New in Theaters this Week (The Book of Eli, The Spy Next Door, The Lovely Bones).
  • Review of The Lovely Bones (click here for my review), Moon and Dan’s take on Daybreakers.
  • Dan and Andy’s Must-See Movies of 2010.
  • Next Week’s Movie Releases (Extraordinary Measures, Legion, The Tooth Fairy, ).
  • This and Next Week in DVD (The Hurt Locker, Moon, Pandorum, Gamer, Smokin’ Aces 2, Whiteout).

The show starts at 5PM MST and runs for an hour. Give us a call won’t you? We’d love to get your comments or take your questions. Call us at 1-800-369-5868 or 1-435-753-5868.

2 comments On Join Us on the KVNU For The People Movie Show Tonight!

  • Maybe if you updated your current podcasts page more than twice a year id give your show a listen, im on the road alot therefore im a podcast fiend.

    It really is a good show, trust me it kicks Doug's shit assed, commercial ridden,plug happy, wannabe movie show square in the nutsack..well whatever nutsack that ass kisser has left..

    ..And maybe just maybe id call in and spew something naughty at you boneheads before Riggs banned me from teh airways! ;)

  • Danny. I like the cut of your jib.

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