Just in Time for the Apocalypse: Men in Black III coming in 2012 in 3D

The Mayans and Roland Emmerich think the world is going to blow up in 2012 and they might be right, but I’m hoping it goes down the pooper sooner, because Mother Earth exploding might be the only way to halt Hollywood’s dog-in-heat leg humping of 3D. It was announced today the Men in Black franchise is return for a third outing, this time in 3D. It’s tentatively set for a May 25, 2012 release date. And, surprise, the film will be called Men in Black III. How much you want to bet that changes to Men in Black 3D? Jaws did it in 1983 with its third installment and since we’ve reverted to the 1980s in fashion, entertainment and politics, ol’ MIB might as well jump on board.

According to the press release, Barry Sonnenfeld is back as director, Steven Spielberg will executive produce and Will Smith is locked in as Agent Jay. The release notes talks are underway to bring back Tommy Lee Jones as Agent Kay and add Josh Brolin to the mix as a young Agent Kay. I don’t know if I’d call 42 “young,” but stacked against Jones’ 64 years and weathered appearance, Brolin looks sprite and pre-pubescent.

MTV News talked to Josh Brolin about MIBIII and he had this to say:

It looks really, really good. I can’t tell you the story, obviously, but they pitched me the general story, and I was like, ‘Eh, I don’t know if that’s really my thing, man.’ I was extremely grateful that they were even interested in me. But then they got more specific with the story, and I go, ‘Yes, that’s f—ing great!’ This is a character where I feel like I can do some actual acting work within this franchise that everybody knows.

Right, Josh. Riiiight. Replace “more specific” with a heapload of cash and it all makes sense.

What do you think? Ready for more 3D? Better yet, ready for more Men in Black?

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