Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never Video Blows Goats

There is tons o’ hate on the web for Justin Bieber and his balls-have-yet-to-drop voice, perfectly coifed hair and Chiclet-sized white-as-hell teeth. Personally, I have no issues with Bieber. Like a thousand other teenage artists, I’m guessing he’s a flash-in-the-pan and will probably nose-dive with the weight of fame. Probably after he acquires herpes from some loose groupie, starts doing heroin and wakes up at 21 looking like Josh Brolin. But that’s not the point. The point is Bieber’s new tune, “Never Say Never,” from the The Karate Kid soundtrack, premiered on MTV.com today. I didn’t mind the song until Jaden Smith, son-of-Will, hopped in and rapped about Kobe Bryant swishing shots in the 4th quarter and being raised by the “power of Will.” Sorry Bieber fans, but that was a giant pothole in the song and I just couldn’t get back into the tune.

How about you? Am I up in the night?

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