Kick-Ass Trailer, Well, Kicks Ass

Kick-Ass (yes, it’s an upcoming movie) is well known in the geek circuit and has been building collective buzz for the better part of a year. We laid out the history of the project right here, but if following links isn’t your thing, here’s the synopsis:

[The success of] Wanted opened the door to the creative talents of comic writer Mark Millar (on whose comic Wanted was obviously based)… Mark Millar, who’d written some Superman treatments for DC, was also writing Kick-Bum Kick-Ass– an ongoing, grounded-in-reality comic book series about a comic-loving teen (Dave Lizewski) and his fatalistic, punishing quest for real life super-hero status. Along the way, young Dave (aka the fantastically named Kick-Ass) amasses a copy-cat following and finds himself mixed up with all kinds of identity-hiding, teen angst, debauchery and limb-loosening, arterial severing violence as he seeks to help people through the powers of My Space. Along the way, Kick-Ass makes the acquaintance of a barely pre-teen assassin: Hit-Girl.

Stardust and Layer Cake director Matthew Vaughn liked Kick-Ass so much, his production company funded the project, with Vaughn directing and big name hair piece enthusiast Nicholas Cage starring in a supporting role as Hit-Girl’s Old Man.

Earlier this year, Kick-Ass found a distributor and is now scheduled to hit theaters in April of 2010. It’s received its first official trailer and… it’s f-u-n: FUN. The trailer plays up a lot of tongue in cheek, but know that Kick-Ass is also tongue through cheek: gritty, bloody and hyper-violent. I’m not big on that myself, but the premise and trailer alone have me sold.

Add this to our must-see 2010 list.


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