Kit Fisto Says Prepare to Get Fisted! Star Wars to Blu in 2011!

You knew it was coming someday, but now the release of the entire Star Wars saga to Blu-ray is official via Baron Papanoida at the Celebration V event in Orlando, Florida. Host Jon Stewart asked the Baron fan submitted questions, and aside from how big are Aayla Secura’s hoots, the question of Star Wars to Blu-ray was the most frequent. B-Pappy says it will hit stores at a yet-to-be-announced date in Fall 2011.

The set will have all six movies and a buttload of special features, including many deleted scenes Star Wars fans have only heard rumored. One such scene from Return of the Jedi was introduced by a bloated and wrinkly Mark Hamill, that of Luke Skywalker building his green lightsaber and stashing it in R2-D2 before he heads out to lay waste to Jabba the Hutt’s stronghold and fleet of rusty sailboats. For a full list of scenes you may or may not see on the Blu-ray versions of Star Wars, follow this link to Wookieepedia.

Obviously, despite my hatred for Lucas, I’m buying this set. Here’s a question: What do you think the retail price will be? Lord of the Rings was $79, I believe, so I can’t see this being priced less than $149. I better start saving my Republic credits so come 2011 I’m not getting fisted by Kit Fisto’s special force shocker he previously only used for Jedi Conehead.

PS – While you save your hard earned cash, enjoy this little clip from Robot Chicken. One of my favorite of their Star Wars spoofs.

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