Kristen Stewart: ‘I Wanted to Puke Up Blood’

Entertainment Weekly has the latest compelling information about the upcoming release of the Nth edition of the Twilight series, Breaking Wind Dawn.

In the expose, the actress of … one … facial expression laments the fact that Breaking Dawn had to maintain a PG-13 rating, and thus couldn’t get as graphic as the book with a highly anticipated wedding/birthing scene.

“I would have loved to have been puking up blood,” Stewart told EW. If only she knew how pleasant puking up blood could be because it’s not like SHE has ever stuck a toothbrush down her throat to purge a meal…NO NO NO!

The quote is ironic given most men will be puking up blood if the entirely overrated, over-hyped, overdone Twilight meme keeps going much longer.

It does bring up an interesting question, though. This past month, we’ve seen an Oscar-winning picture edited and re-released to capitulate to the people who can’t stand to hear the eff word. If we’re going to bastardize a piece of award-winning art for a money grab, why not make it standard and have a PG-13 and an R version of movies like Twilight? I mean, Hollywood is all about whoring itself out for money anyway, why not shoot the extra scene with Stew Stew puking up some blood and birthing a baby vampiress with a perma-scowl and an eating disorder, make an extra $10 million and call it a win?

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn hits theaters Nov. 18.

2 comments On Kristen Stewart: ‘I Wanted to Puke Up Blood’

  • What an idiot. Who would want to puke up freaking blood? Apparently her. That just confirms my point that Kristen Stewart is cooku for coco puffs. Probably pot. Actually probably both.

  • Despite everything I said I still think she’s hot. That is all.

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