Legion Unleashes Angels Right in Your Face

legion_movie_posterThe Bible can be creepy. Take Revelations, with its symbolic dragons, falling stars, blood moon, apocalyptic horsemen and the “God Hates Fags” guys. There’s also the story of Jesus’ run-in with a guy who’s possessed. Jesus asks his name and the guy responds “Legion- for we are many”. Of course, Legion subsequently gets a spiritual punch in the face, hops into a bunch of pigs who then squeal/gargle their way into a Red Sea dirt nap, but that didn’t stop him from getting his own movie.

Legion, an upcoming action/apocalypse spectacular starring the dependably rad Paul Bettany, Dennis Quaid, the hot chick from Friday Night Lights and the preacher dude from Alien 3. The whole project seems to have been in some state of pre-prod-post since Cain decided to shave his body hair and take up the pseudonym Gene Simmons, but it’s now got a trailer. And it’s Red Band (cussy! violent!) to boot.

The premise is intriguingly solid– Michael the arch-angel likes humanity so much (but not Wings of Desire/City of Angels so much),  he comes down to earth and confiscates a crapload of firearms to thwart the oncoming horde of demons unleashed to the earth after God gives up on us. Heaven tries an intervention intervention somewhere in there, too.

While the premise sounds rad and has some great looks, there’s some flat and uninspired moments in the trailer, including a scrambling granny (you’ll see what I mean) and long-mouthed demons who look like the results of when The Matrix‘s Agent Smith and the 30 Days of Night vampires were locked in a closet for a sweaty game of seven minutes of heaven. What do you think?

Legion hits theaters January 22 of 2010.

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