Lord of the Rings Trilogy on Blu-ray in 2009?


I love Blu-ray. I really do. So much I’d marry it if I could. I also love Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” movies, even more that Captain Flannel Von Chubneck’s “Star Wars” sextuplets. So what to my wondering eyes did I see on MovieWeb.com today? They reference a story taken from Digital Bits.com that states Amazon.com is taking pre-orders for “The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy” on Blu-ray, supposedly releasing this December. According to the source, the suggested retail price is $100, with Amazon charging $70.

The news of LOTR possibly coming to Blu-ray in 2009 makes me salivate and sweat with joy. However, I will never understand pre-orders. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I went to find a newly released Blu-ray or DVD and the salesperson said, “Sorry, man. We’re all sold out.” If anything, there are always too many, which begs the question, why do I buy it right out of the gate when I can get it cheaper down the road?

In honor of this speculative nugget of joy today, I give you an alternate ending to “The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King” that should make you feel sassy and excited the rest of the day.

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  • Don’t do it! It’s a double-dippin’, consumer hating, hobbit molesting, dollar stealin’ moneygrab! P.Js extended versions are the superior cuts and will be released (as you know) on Blu-Ray a bit later– just hold out, my brother. Rent the Blu Rays or Netflix the suckers til the cows come home.

    In the mean time, the DVDs have a very high bitrate and, while not Blu Ray, still look fantastic for DVD– plus, with a 7.1 audio track, they’ll hold you over.

    Use that $70 to buy me a fantastic Christmas present or crank up hobbitholeofcash.com. I promise to do the same.

  • Those are all fabulous points, sir. But none of them satisfy the insatiable need burning in my loins to buy Blu-rays and video games for the sole reason of “well, what if someone comes over and wants to watch them” coupled with “Ha! I have them and you don’t.” Trouble is, nobody comes over and nobody cares. You’d think I would learn my lesson. My credit card bill testifies that I have not.

  • I’m with Dan. I’ve already bought the damn things twice. Do I really need them a third time? Plus (look I used a word besides also) I watched them recently and they did look pretty good on an HD player.

  • Ssssshhhh. Ssssshhhh. Dan doesn’t like the double dipping, he never has. But you ask him and he’ll tell you, Blu-ray looks supercalafragilistic.

  • Ok..ill bite.
    Im that guy who stands in line at midnight to feed his video game/movie addiction but when i see this garbage again and again it makes it easy for me to not feel guilty when i steal Wolverine off the torrents

    To finally release these films on blu-ray without having both cuts on the disc is just a slap in the face to the consumer.

    It was Sony themselves who fed the hype train over and over again stating that when movies came to the home it was bluray’s 50gb of storage that would change how film was released to the home market.

    Multiple cuts of the film, extras, bluray live(with which you could watch the commentary and download useless stuff)all on one nifty disc, Bluray will save us all!

    As we can see nothings changed with the increased storage of bluray.
    Its all about the benji’s. Keep treating me(the consumer, your customers.) like a retard and ill keep stealing your movies off the interwebz dewdz.

  • I’m not advocating piracy, but it does seem a little odd that studios have no problem fleecing consumers, but get their collective panties in a bind when they themselves are fleeced via piracy.

    So, I’ll concede. I’ll rent LOTR on Blu-ray from Netflix instead.

  • Success!!!

  • As per Danny- amen. Blu Ray has a ton of storage potential– and while the new audio and HD formats take up quite a bit more room, seems strange that so many Blu Rays have so few features. And Blu Ray Live? It’s the 3D of the Hi-Def World: Gimmick.

    I’m calling it a conspiracy. For shame, Sony and all you short-shrifting studios (why load the work into it when more people are still buying DVDs?). You’re cooking your own goose. Good DAY!

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