Man, Christians Ruin Everything

Way, way, way back in May my Trailer Tuesday pick was for a film called Agora (aka- titled for the old Greek word used to denote a place of assembly). Directed by Alejandro Amenábar (who did the spooky Nicole Kidman in a foggy house ghost story The Others) Agora‘s trailer was previously available only in some crazy language that wasn’t American. Since it’s an English-spoken movie, Agora has now received a trailer that good ol’ U.S. of A.-ians can finally understand.

The details, however, remains the same: “Since Agora is a historic drama, the laws of the screenwriting universe dictate that it must focus its drama on a romance between a schlub and a higher up. This time the higher up is Hypatia (played by Rachael Weisz), a Greek philosopher known for her questioning of deity. As for history, Agora covers the rise of Christianity, the pagans getting a crossed boot up their bum-parts and the subsequent insult of crazy Christians going amok and destroying the famed library of Alexandria while punting humanity into the Dark Ages.”

History, swords, and togas don’t usually have to exert much effort to get me in a seat. This isn’t any exception, though we’re probably looking at something much more contemplative and measured than a Ben Hur, Gladiator or Troy.

The toga’d and sandalized Agora is all set to reach theaters in December.

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  • Id like to take this opportunity to say Rachael Weisz is hawt and a fine actress.

    Also..i’ve tried downing a couple of your recent movie shows via mp3 and it gives a 404 Not Found
    The requested URL /FTP-08-21-2009B.mp3 does not exist.

    Links are broken man.

    Ive tried using Firefox and IE 8.

    Just wanted to give you a heads up.

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