Meryl Streep + Amy Adams = Recipe for TLA

If you’ve been following Andy on Facebook, you’ll know there’s been a real Meryl Streep/Amy Adams love-fest brewing. And by brewing, I mean a rich, blended urban roast of red-haired crushing steeped in the legendary flavor of Streep. Which is so ironic, because no sooner than Doubt hits Blu Ray do we get the trailer for Julie & Julia starring… an unfortunately coiffed (but darling!) Amy Adams and charmingly primmed (and tall!) Meryl Streep… again!

Julie & Julia Follows the story of one of those infuriating people (usually women) who actually have their blog read and monetized (IE– make money). Julia also follows Amazonian charmer Julia Childs’ quest to find identity in becoming both a cook extraordinaire and inspiration to millions. The two stories dovetail as Julia Childs’ success becomes modern day Julie’s as well. The trailer looks kinda cute and stuff, as it should, since Julie & Julia is both directed and written by Nora Ephron of Sleepless in Seattle fame.

Find your Amy Adams and Meryl Streep love fulfilled all over again, right here at AATM:

4 comments On Meryl Streep + Amy Adams = Recipe for TLA

  • I just want to hug Amy Adams and squeeze her cheeks. So cute!

  • I love Amy Adams in anything, actually I would probably pay to view her reading the dictionary, but this film looks wonderful and I can’t wait to go!

  • This looks cute! Boo yeah!

  • Let’s hope Nora Ephron can actually pull this off. I definitely think it holds promise, but her track record hasn’t been great. “Bewitched” anyone? And I don’t care what anyone says, “You’ve Got Mail” is pure crap.

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