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michael-sheenMichael Sheen, most recently seen as David Frost in Ron Howard’s Oscar nominated “Frost/Nixon,” has signed on to play the head of the Volturi coven of vampires in “The Twilight Saga: New Moon.” Sheen must be relieved to finally shed the werewolf mask (he played a lycan in all three “Underworld” films) for that of a vampire. Boy, I know I would be. Them werewolves are stink-a-rific.

Oh, and in case you’ve been in Outer Space for the last year, “New Moon” is the sequel to last November’s box office darling, “Twilight.” Robert “Soon To Be Typecast” Pattison returns for the sequel as Edward Shinyskin Furybrows, as does Kristen “I’m a Pothead” Stewart as Bella Swan.”

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  • Just had to get some Twilight sniping in as well:

    While Twilight’s second life is cranking away at blurry vampire speed to arrive in theaters later this year, I’ve managed to stay wide and clear of being caught up in the unholy vortex. Of course, that’s not including Entertainment Weekly’s obsession with the series, which keeps me just knowledgeable enough to be dangerous, but ignorant enough to scratch my head at car stickers that read “I love Edward Cullen”/”Bite me I want to live forever”/”Twilight Mom”/”I know it’s not real but I wish…because I hate my life”.

    As much as I may not understand the Twilight obsession, they probably won’t understand the noteworthiness of Michael Sheen being added to the New Moon list. To be honest, I don’t know who the character is, other than what I’ve read in the announcement but I do know Sheen is 100% legitimate– not simply best talent afforded on the cheap. The guy lends chops and heft to what Twilight’s middling, weak-budgeted Sci-Fi channel movie of the week couldn’t muster. Not that I’m here to trash Twilight– I didn’t think the first film was horrible, just unimpressive across the board.

    Of course, Sheen was in all the Underworld movies and I think they’re unimpressive* as well.

    *I’m sorry, Andy!

  • You are spot on, Danny! Michael Sheen is a fantastic actor. And I don’t have statistical backing on this, but I’m pretty sure Stephanie Meyer’s fantasies have broken up many a Mormon household.

  • Was he the dude that played Tony Blair? Also, he may be in the next movie, but I don’t think it’s a huge part. I could be wrong, I pretty much just skim read the book.

    Also, Rpatz gives me the willies.

  • He was Tony Blair…good memory. And David Frost. And Lucian the hairy Lycan.

  • Also, do you think I could use also one more time in a posting?


    Wait for it, it will be coming to you in the near future.

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