Middle Earth is back!

Any fans of Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit who haven’t  “Liked” Peter Jacksons facebook page should stop reading this immidiately and “like” Peter Jackson (Jackson’s Facebook Page.) Jackson recently released a 10 minute behind-the-scenes video on the set of The Hobbit, and has continued to include fans like no other director I have seen.

The Hobbit video gave me chills, seeing Middle Earth completely rebuilt reminded me how much I loved the original three films. In the video there are great shots inside Bilbo’s home, as well as some footage of Rivendell. Jackson takes us to see a room full of concept art, however, anything overly important is blurred out. Martin Freeman seemed like a good pick to play Bilbo already, and after seeing him/hearing him recite a few lines I think he is the perfect choice.

Since the video Jackson has released several other interesting tid-bits about the filming of The Hobbit, including news that the films will be shot in 48 fps (frames per second). This may not seem like a huge deal, but the framrate in which film is shot drastically changes the final image portrayed on the big screen. Jackson does a great job describing the differences in frame rates, and why he decided to use 48 fps.  For those who still haven’t liked Jackson on Facebook, here is one last reason why you should.

Jackson posted this image along with the caption… “An old friend came to visit me on set today…”

Check out the video, and feel free to comment with your thoughts or excitement about The Hobbit coming in Dec. 2012.

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