moon-posterI don’t know much about this movie and just watched the trailer for the first time, but I have to admit, I’m juiced. “Moon” would appear to be another great sci-fi picture and heaven knows there aren’t many gems as of late. Something about being alone in space (or on the moon) with nothing but your thoughts and the constant silence and stillness is beyond unnerving. I’m not a huge Sam Rockwell fan (“Frost/Nixon”), but he fits this part. Average Joe, alone in space and going cuckoo (or is he!) a few weeks before leaving to return to Earth. That damn space. It will get you every time.


Check out the trailer below and give us your thoughts por favor.

“Moon” has a limited release in the United States on June 12.

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  • Generally I enjoy Rockwell…this looks quite different from his normal role, and if the preview is a good indicator of his acting throughout it, it looks pretty promising. I hadn’t even heard of this movie until now, thanks for bringing it into my radar!

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