More Robin, More Russell, More 4 x 4 ACTION

robin-hood-muleSo you know there’s a new-fangled Robin Hood coming up and you know with names like Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe, there’s going to be some sneaky-sneaky and unofficial photos smuggled from either the set or the bushes adjacent to, but not on, the set.

AICN has  posted said pics up for your viewing pleasure. The coolest ones can be found there, but I had no idea Robin and his Heterosexually Merry Men beat Sherwood Forest into submission via a Kawasaki Mule…. and that’s only the least of my marvels. The real highlight of this picture is the blindingly red-bearded Scott Grimes (playing, appropriately, Will Scarlettt) tearing it up with Russell Crowe. Yes, THE Scott Grimes– Critters 2 Scott Grimes– making a rare foray back to the big screen.

Robin Hood is going to be RAD.

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