Mother of Dragons + Han Solo = So Much Yaaassssssss

I don’t have many mantras, but one I do have is “there is no such thing as too much Khaleesi.” Okay, that’s not really one of my life mottos. I just made that up. But it’s true. With GAME OF THRONES season seven not due until June 2017, I’ll take Emilia Clarke, aka the Mother of Dragons, any way I can.

Granted, now that I think about it, the Han Solo spinoff movie, which Clarke just joined, isn’t due until May 25, 2018, but I need something  – some bright hope, albeit distant – to curtail the constant re-watching of GAME OF THRONES season six – where Daenerys Targaryen’s badassery dial is turned to 11, as well as the multiple viewings of ME BEFORE YOU, where her red dress dial is turned to 111. And no, before you intercede and suggest another nugget from Clarke’s shallow filmography, I can’t bring myself to watch TERMINATOR GENISYS again. So there.

I have high hopes for ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY, but I have even higher hopes for this Han Solo standalone flick. Why? First and foremost, it’s directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, of THE LEGO MOVIE and 21/22 JUMP STREET fame, and it’s written by Lawrence Kasdan and his son, Jon Kasdan. Lawrence is the scribe behind THE FORCE AWAKENS, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, RETURN OF THE JEDI and RAISERS OF THE LOST ARK. He’s earned my trust. And lastly, the casting choices thus far have me excited. Donald Glover (THE MARTIAN) and Alden Ehrenreich (HAIL, CAESER!) are two young, vibrant actors who, along with Clarke, should bring some freshness and gravitas to this yet-to-be-titled action/comedy.

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