MTV VMA’s Hunger Games Clip Big Time Disappointment

Just got done watching the MTV Video Music Awards in anticipation of seeing my first look at footage from the highly-anticipated movie version of The Hunger Games, and all I have to say to the filmmakers is this: Seriously? WTF?

I sat through a virtual two hour freakshow so I could see one minute of Jennifer Lawrence running through the woods, mingled with a little Liam Hemsworth voice-over and Rue’s four note whistle? That’s it? Wow. Just wow.

This one minute clip (see below) is what you decided to give the world as the first-ever glimpse of The Hunger Games?  I wasn’t expecting much, but I wasn’t expecting this. I’m not even sure this qualifies and a tease. No, this 60 second spot at the very end of the most god-awful two hours of television was the epitome of poor planning, terrible execution and nothing short of an opportunity to dazzle gone right down the crapper.

I’m just amazed at how unexciting this “first-ever footage” was and that’s coming from a fan of the novels. I have some idea of what’s happening. I can hear Gale talking to Katniss. I know where and what Katniss is doing in the woods. I can hear Rue’s four note little tune at the end. But what about the rest of the viewers who don’t have a clue? Who think Panem is a sandwich and wouldn’t know the difference between Julius Caeser and Caeser Flickerman? I have to think they are feeling unimpressed.

So, yeah, boo. Check it out below and thank your lucky stars you don’t have to sit through Kanye, Lady Gaga and 187 cutaways to Kim Kardashian. Barf.

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  • FTW? Now I don’t feel so bad for watching a DVD last night instead of the VMA’s. Thank you for your sacrifice, Andy. I’m sorry it was for that!

  • Ya….I wouldn’t have watched the vmas for that…..but… I liked it, good little teaser

  • Amen!!!!!! This was such a disappointment. I’m so glad they could show us a minute of somebody running. I can do that in my gym class people! And then you heard Gale talking the whole time “You stronger than that” “You can hunt” yeah no chiz!!! So thank you MTV I fast forward threw Justin Bieber, a bagilion shots of Kim Kardashian and all I get is some one running and not to add your awards have a stupid mixed up name!

  • Yeah I have to say that was a little disappointing! But hey who cares, I just can’t wait for the movie! It’s going to be good!

  • I probably shouldn’t be so negative about this “teaser,” because I hated the trailers for “Rise of The Planet of The Apes” and “X-Men: First Class” and both of those ended up being my favorite movies of the summer!

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