My Point of View on 9/11

We all know that today is the tenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks. When I was little I remember watching Home Alone and thinking, “Where is the security? Why are they running through and airport? Why won’t my brother stop poking me? Why haven’t they checked their bags?” Well guess what little children? They didn’t have that back in the olden days otherwise known as the 90’s. You didn’t have to do all that crap that most of the time makes you late, and this is all thanks to Osama Bin Laden, probably the most hated guy in history besides Justin Bieber. Poor Justin, what did he do wrong? He just needs somebody to love and to be his baby.

Anyhew, so continuing on Home Alone, I watch that now and it totally makes me think about how stupid we were in the 90’s. Sorry but everything was horrible – the music, the clothes, the hair, that attitude and oh good grief we had the happiest and snootiest attitudes ever until finally we woke up, when those planes hit the north, and then the south towers in the World Trade Center. We weren’t pooping ourselves thinking it was a terrorist attack, but if that happened now, we would. Because we used to see the good in everything and now we’ve lost trust in other people that we can’t look at a bad thing happening and not think we are all going to die.

Lots of people think of how this was the day we went to war and how this is the day when we knew about how bad the world is and blah blah blah blah blah. Well I don’t think of it like that at all. I think of it as the day America came together. The day that people you didn’t even know were trying to save your life so that you could go home to your family. The day that a stranger on the street gave you a tissue and cried with you when you saw that second plane hit the South Tower. I think of it as the day America let go of the name America and was able to find again the name The United States of America. United which mean together as one. Not crying because your nail broke but crying because your neighbor died and because you love this country and somebody was pushing your buttons a little too far and flying airplanes in your buildings.

You have to realize that life is going to throw bricks at you and this was one giant brick. Well, when life does that get your butt up and throw the dang bricks back! And that’s what we did and that Freedom Tower we are building is basically flipping the bird to terrorists everywhere or saying “In your face Bin Laden. Whose laughing now?” or mooning all those people who burned that flag at the memorial today. All of those things would be very funny. So you can look at it as the day where we lost a bunch of stuff or the day where we decided to join as one and kick some terrorist butt. I like to think of it as the second one because that one makes me laugh till I cry and the other one just makes me cry. Either way there are tears. So let’s join together today and honor all of those you lost their lives and all of those builders who built our bird finger for those terrorists.


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