Mysterious Halo Images Promise a Halo Movie that Looks Like Turd

I promise to withhold total judgment until this fan film is completely finished, but as a fan of Halo and someone who wishes Microsoft would pull their heads out of their asses and make the damn thing already, this kind of low-budget, let’s-play-guns-in-the-backyard dorkiness just makes me cringe. I know, I know, someone – in this case UK amateur filmmaker Peter Cooper – is passionate about Halo and has put quality time and effort into translating that love to film, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. Especially when, in my opinion, it looks super turdtastic. But let’s be 100 percent honest: A Halo movie will never, ever be made. Yes, people are online teabagging each other right now on XBOX Live with Halo: Reach, and yes Microsoft will continue to pump out Halo titles until Master Chief’s teats dry out, but the movie is dead. I can’t see Microsoft creating the type of adoration that existed in 2006-2007 ever again. Nope. Unless a big name director (read: Steven Spielberg) is tagged to helm this potential blockbuster, it will stay buried and fans will have to live off the fumes of third-rate fanboy wetdreams, like Operation Chastity.

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  • I love the Halo and you my friend do not play enough Reach, especially the new Highland map which I think is their best yet. However, I have to say that although i think this is a weak attempt, anything that would help towards a Halo movie is great idea and shows that there is a creative following. I say that knowing that there will not be a halo movie and at best we will see an animated series based on Reach. That will probably spawn an anime version which will be even worse, oh why did i start this rant, im depressed now. bye lol

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