NASA Wants You to Calm Your Ass Down

planet-x2012 hits theaters this Friday and NASA’s a little worried folks might go cuckoo and get a little antsy and David Koresch-ey with images of Yellowstone blowing it’s stack, Los Angeles sliding into the Pacific Ocean and the White House getting bulldozed by an aircraft carrier. I know, it puckers my bum also, but the all-knowing men of science want anyone getting sweaty pits about 2012 to take a deep breath and just keep living. Here is an excerpt from their Q&A –

Q: What is the origin of the prediction that the world will end in 2012?

A: The story started with claims that Nibiru, a supposed planet discovered by the Sumerians, is headed toward Earth. This catastrophe was initially predicted for May 2003, but when nothing happened the doomsday date was moved forward to December 2012. Then these two fables were linked to the end of one of the cycles in the ancient Mayan calendar at the winter solstice in 2012 — hence the predicted doomsday date of December 21, 2012.

Currently, 2012 holds a 38% percent rotten rating on We’ll have a review for you on Friday.

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  • NASA is lying. First, they reported that they had discovered Planet X / Nibiru in 1983, after launching their IRAS satellite. A couple of days later, they said that they didn’t! Then, they exhausted the maneuvering fuel on board in a few weeks, that had been planned to last for over six months! What were they looking at? Evidently everyone wanted to take a look at it.
    Then, in the 1990s they said that they had. Now they are saying that there isn’t, and never was, a planet X! I don’t know about you, but I was taught that inconsistency in a story always indicated DECEPTION! I believe that NASA is trying its best to DECEIVE the American people on this one, folks. Why else would they keep changing their story?
    NASA also built the world’s largest, and most expensive infra red telescope, AT THE SOUTH POLE!(SPT) Yes, I know an infra red scope works best in a cold dark climate. The costs are enormous in manning and servicing this monster telescope at this location. Why not northern Canada, or even Siberia? It’s almost as cold and dark, and would be much easier to service, maintain, and resupply, when compared to the SPT in Antarctica! The answer is plain to see. NASA is lying again. Planet X is reportedly approaching from the SOUTH. What better position to observe its approach than from the South Pole? Of course, the official reason for building it
    there, “Is to study the dark matter of space”! What a lie! Yes, there is theoretical evidence to support a theory of dark matter, but they did NOT build the SPT for any reason other than tracking the exact trajectory of P X! In early 2008 a person at the SPT leaked pictures showing the approach of P X! Liar, liar, pants on fire, NASA! Busted in another lie!
    NASA, why have you blacked out the star maps of Google Sky, and Microsoft’s World Wide Telescope, in the areas of sky that Planet X is reported to be in? Why don’t you want people to actually SEE FOR THEMSELVES, the approach of P X?
    I guess the answer is, that the government is afraid of losing control of all of the lemmings. That’s what all this lying is really all about, right? Control? Well, I think that there are way too many lemmings running around out there, and when they see the film 2012, which is a fairly accurate portrayal of what is going to actually occur under a worse case scenario, the lemmings just might panic. They are not as stupid, or panicky as you might think. They would do much better if you would just tell them little white lies. If you just said that Planet X was coming, but we’re expecting a minimal event, the lemmings would behave much better, than the system of whopper lies you are currently telling them. Tell the truth, or at least a half truth to the lemmings. At least that way, they will continue to obey you, somewhat. Keep lying, and you WILL create the panic you are fearing so much.
    Until the next NASA lie,
    J J

    • Hey, I am very interested in the whole 2012/ Nibiru/ Hopi/ Maya etc. phenomena, especially your statement ” In early 2008 a person at the SPT leaked pictures showing the approach of P X! Liar, liar, pants on fire, NASA! Busted in another lie!” please respond back with more info. I am not a crazy “conspiracy nut”, though I am aware of other questionable things, and know the Maya did not predict the end of the world to be the winter solstice of 2012, but an opportunity for a great change or shift in conscienceness. The Hopi also point to the 7 year purification beginning with the appearance of the Great Star Kachina and the Chinese I Ching also references this event as well. I too feel that something is afoot and we are being kept in the dark. I am not saying that it is not a responsible thing to protect the citizens of the world, but I am responsible enough and do not fear death so I want to know.

      Please respond with any information, opinions you may have.

      “a fellow thinker’


      • Correy, the best website you can go to is It should answer most of your questions. Be sure to watch all of his videos. He has a video showing P X with its six satellites!
        The site is run by Marshal Masters, who used to work for CNN as a science director of their science documentaries. He’s NOT a flake! If you can get a copy of the KOLBRIN BIBLE, you can read about the ancient Egyptian and ancient Celts written histories regarding previous fly bys of Planet X on its 3600 year orbits, and the destruction it caused. The three previous fly bys caused the ten plagues of Pharaoh, the Great Flood, and the destruction of Atlantis!
        Hope this helps you out. Try to see the new movie 2012 tomorrow when it comes out. It will give you some idea of what we are all in store for, under a worse case scenario, of course.
        My E is if you have further questions I can help you with.

        J J

  • NASA is being very deceptive. I am not a scientist, but, from what I see the Mayans do not mean the world is going to end in a literal sence, but, our current materialistic mindset, thinking and system will come to an end if the events that are projected to occur in 2012 occurs. Solar storms, gravity waves, magnetic pole shifts have occured in the past and can be the events that change life as we know it. Think about it, if a large solar storm hit the earth we can loose electric supply. Commerce as we know it will be devastated if we loose electric power for a month.

    NASA will not tell the truth because commerse controls NASA.

    The Mayans were correct about the Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy before NASA, the Dogon tribe in Africa knew the star Sirius has a companion star which is invisible to the human eye. This companion star has a 50 year elliptical orbit around the visible Sirius and is extremely heavy. It also rotates on its axis. How did the Dogon know this before NASA was even created?

    Think about it. Will leaders of commerce do anything to affect Commerce?

    My answer is NO. Do your research find the truth live without fear, you are devine and eternal.


  • This explains why NASA has planned a one way mission to Mars.

  • Man, all I can say is WOW. You guys are really into this. Out of curiosity, are you going to see this movie?

    • Yep, Andy. I will be the first one in line tomorrow to see 2012. It is big budget (over 200 million Dollars).
      Besides that, I want to see if they made very much stuff up, or stuck pretty much to the script of their technical experts, and reality, as to what could POTENTIALLY happen in a pole shift. No one can truthfully say what would or could not happen during a pole shift, since no one has ever lived through one before, INCLUDING NASA. Everything is totally THEORETICAL! All of the films this guy has directed before have been total bullshit fiction, but shot spectacularly.
      ( Fourth of July, Day After Tomorrow, etc.) If the director just stays on script, it should be spectacular enough.
      J J

  • Woe..did i accidentally go to

    I’ll be the doosh bag who says you guys sound like a buncha crazy’s
    I have no doubt about government coverups n whatnot but, really?

    The Mayans? These folk are where you guys are getting your info from? And you believe this stuff?
    Are these the same Mayans who predicted the end of civ as we know it, yet couldnt see the Spanish comin?

    The movie does nothing for me infact i hate “end of days” movies with a passion..
    GCI effects aside this movies looks craptacular.

    Im all good with planet xxx smashing into earth but if my internet gets turned off im gonna be pissed..

  • Get a couple of years supply of water, Bic Lighters, encyclopedia’s (you know the book kind), and find some National Park to rough it out till calmness.

  • @Danny

    Who was crazy? Those who swore the world was flat? That ulcers can be caused by bacteria? That an electron is both a particle AND a wave?

    You can be a doosh bag in addition to being a douchebag (spelling counts) as well as the crazies (dood lick its sow kewl u can’t spill)

    What are these GCI effects you talk about? Are they similar to CGI effects? *is shocked Danny didn’t say affects*

    The end of days (or daze fore u), the Mayan could see the astronomical events versus terrestrial events in much as it’s easier for me to know when the moon will be full (fool) after the spring equinox than it is to know when my flight will take off.


    Nah… 10 bucks is too much money to pay hollywood.

    • Hahahaha… that was really funny, Andy. I thought the
      movie 2012 was ho hum …. interesting special effects…. silly plot and characters I did not really care about… not even the kids
      were charming or vulnerable until the very end when they though daddy was dead…. of course, we knew he would pop out of the water.

      The more we know about the universe, the less we know. Watch the History Channel … interesting; read Michu Kaku’s book
      “The Physics of the Impossible”….. all based on science and traces our journey of unknowing to knowing to unknowing…

      Of course, all sorts of government conspiracies/cover-ups will abound… always have; nothing new there.

  • Oh noes! teh spelling police!

  • Well i can report to you that this movie was ridiculous.
    John Cusack wtf were you thinking man? $$$

    I blame NASA and the Mayan’s..

  • I have been hunting for some videos on websites about Planet X and most websites no longer have the videos up…Howcome? Some pictures have been taken down too… Why is it so hush hush?

    If the world ends, it ends, simple as… survival of the fittest, if you can survive a planet smashing into us that is.

    How come this planet x that passes us every single 3,600 years hasnt smashed into us yet anyway??? its been like over 4.5 billion years and man and organisms have lived throughout… think it is abit far fetched.

    Not doubting with you that NASA is up to something and i too also hate govenments, there main purpose is to lie and coverup and tell the people utter bullshit.

    We shall just have to wait and see, but on Dec 21, 2012 if anything looks like it is remotely devastating, i will have a beer and party my life out! See ya all in Hell.

  • We live our lives so short compared to the cosmos we can not comprehend. We can not even leave our planet without basic necessities, our flesh and bones are bound to this earth and to the earth the flesh and bones return. Where will we run to? Where can you hide? Who will save you? God?, No God can save man if man can not save himself. May the veil of secrecy be lifted.Amen.

  • Dan, Go to It is one of the best websites for persons just finding out about P X! There’s PLENTY of videos. Watch them all.
    As far as being struck by P X in the past, some astro physicists THEORIZE that the earth WAS struck in the formative stage of the solar system. The theory goes that earth used to be twice its current size, and orbited on the other side of Mars, and had no moon. One of P X’s satellites struck the molten earth, busting it basically in half, and knocking it into its current orbit. The other half of earth became our moon, and the asteroid belt. Several astronomers, mathematicians, and astro physicists are beginning to support this new theory of earth’s formation. Since P X is in a very unstable, long, elliptical orbit, anything is possible. Since P X is accelerating on its way in, other planets are having compound effects on it, the earth is spinning and orbiting the sun, it gets quite complicated on where exactly the earth will be, in relation to P X when it actually gets here. THAT is why NASA built the SPT in Antarctica. It’s to observe the approach of P X as it comes UP FROM THE SOUTH!
    Hope this helps you and others out. By the way, I saw the movie 2012. The effects of a pole shift were fairly accurate, but the cause was totally fictitious! Hope that we DON’T have a pole shift, or we’re all toast!
    J J

  • Is P X the same as P90X? Cuz I hear that shit is amazing.

    I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  • Jenny- it is. Your abs are gonne be TORE UP come 2012.

  • My friends,

    I suggest you read these articles;

    NASA does NOT and can NOT see all. Did they see the Gama Ray burst discussed in the articles above and warn the population of Asia? No. If any of the top 3 events occur in 2012 we got big changes…

    Here are some Possibilities…

    2012 Possibilities – TOP 4 Possibilities

    Here’s a list of possibilities, ranked on 3 criteria; the relative odds of happening this century,
    of happening in 2012, and of the ancients being able to predict such a thing.

    1. Asteroid/Meteor/Comet – ancient, advanced civilisations have one distinct advantage over us – they
    may have observed the skies for longer, and may have spotted an orbit that will culminate in a
    collision with Earth in 2012. This is easily the most predictable disaster for 2012. With recent
    discussion of “dark comets”, we have become aware of the possibility of our planet being struck with
    little or no warning.

    Possibility this century 9
    Possibility in 2012 8
    Could Ancients Predict It? 10
    TOTAL 27

    2. Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) from our Sun – a CME was behind the solar storm of 1859. It occurred in
    September of that year, causing the failure of telegraph systems across North America and Europe.
    Accompanying the storm were auroras that are normally only seen in the Arctic and Antarctic, but
    were visible as far south as the Caribbean. Typically we would expect a storm of 1859’s magnitude
    cause power blackouts and wreck satellites. But do we really know how big they can get? In 2009 NASA
    told us to be wary of solar storms, and warned of the dangers to America’s ancient overloaded power grid.
    Being without power for a few months, in the developed world, is a lot more serious than most people realise.

    Possibility this century 10
    Possibility in 2012 8
    Could Ancients Predict It? 6
    TOTAL 24

    3. Magnetic Pole Shift – pole reversals have been happening on average once every 400,000 years, with the
    most recent one being 730,000 years ago – so we are well overdue. Not only do we not know much about
    reversals, scientists are still unsure about how our magnetic field is generated. Long thought to be a
    by-product of the movements of liquid iron in our planet’s core, recent studies are suggesting that our
    salty oceans might be the cause. Scientists suggest a geomagnetic reversal takes thousands of years and
    does no harm. They are wrong – it could just as easily happen overnight. No mechanism is known for the
    cause of the magnetic poles swapping places. Our magnetic field is known to be rapidly declining (10% in
    the last 150 years), and the magnetic North pole is moving around at an accelerating pace – it has been
    predicted it will move from Canada to Siberia in the next 50 years. These changes could be indicating an
    imminent reversal.

    Possibility this century 8
    Possibility in 2012 7
    Could Ancients Predict It? 7
    TOTAL 22

    4. Explosion from the black hole at the center of our galaxy – in 1983 Dr Paul LaViolette described the
    dangers of a Galactic core explosion. He explained that it would generate a cosmic ray superwave, and it
    would be signalled by a gamma ray burst (see below). He also warned us that a gravity wave might travel
    ahead of the superwave. If seems likely that the 2004 tsunami was caused by a gravity wave, because the
    accompanying GRB arrived just 21 hours later, and was the brightest ever observed, 100 times brighter
    than any other seen in recorded history. This gravity wave did not come from our galactic center, but
    if it had, perhaps the effects would have been much worse.

    Possibility this century 8
    Possibility in 2012 7
    Could Ancients Predict It? 6
    TOTAL 21

    “Eat, Drink and Be Happy”

  • JB: I enjoyed your posts and references. It is nice to read postings from educated people with I.Q.s over 100!
    J J

  • Hi

    Here is a news article on a space rock that missed earth last Friday.

    NASA did not see it and NASA could not warn us. What’s coming in 2012?

    Life is special each time around, enjoy it.


  • Here is some more for you ponder. Asteroid blast reveals holes in Earth’s defences. Do you see a increase in Asteroid activity?
    Ask yourself Why???



  • As P X comes through the asteroid belt, it can be compared to a bowling ball coming through bowling pins! Its tremendous gravity field disrupts the stable orbits of the asteroids, causing them to crash back and forth into each other in a cascading chain reaction of collisions. These disturbed, or perturbed asteroids will eventually fall towards, and into our sun! On their way, some may intersect, and collide with the earth! Increased numbers of asteroid strikes are an indication of planet X’s approach. Like JB said, one of them just missed us last Friday, with NO WARNING from NASA! Don’t count on NASA to warn you about squat!
    J J

  • Planet X or the are other gravitational forces, gravity waves etc. are in play. Yes we will see more unseen, unannounced asteriods. NASA got their hands full. There are too many combination of outside influences for NASA to follow with the tracking systems employed.

    The Mayans and Egyptians did not have the fancy tech shops to track activity in outer space, but, they were aware of the facts and attacks to come in our time.

    We tend to think in our current objects visual terms, we believe what we can see is the problem coming to hit earth. Well, the objects coming to earth in large quantities are invisible to our eyes, instruments and human technology.

    Think in terms of Advanced Civilizations – Billions of years beyond us. How would they approach us? NOT as the Spanish approached the New World.


  • Don’t worry, NASA won’t let us down when it matters. Didn’t you see Armageddon? They’ll send John McClane up there to blow shit up. You’ll see.

  • “Don’t worry, NASA won’t let us down when it matters. Didn’t you see Armageddon? They’ll send John McClane up there to blow shit up. You’ll see.”

    Finally..someone talking sense.

  • Has 2012 started early. Look at this news.

    GREAT WESTERN FIREBALL: Yesterday, Nov. 18th, something exploded in the atmosphere above the western United States. Witnesses in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho say the fireball “turned night into day” and issued shock waves that “shook the ground” when it exploded just after midnight Mountain Standard Time. The fireball was so bright it actually turned the sky noontime blue, as shown in this image from KSL TV in Utah:

    Although the fireball appeared during the Leonid meteor shower, it was not a Leonid. Infrasound recordings of the blast suggest a small asteroid hitting Earth’s atmosphere and exploding with an energy of 0.5 to 1 kiloton of TNT. Experts liken the event to the Park Forest fireball of 2003, which scattered dozens of meteorites across a suburb of Chicago. Meteorites are likely from this fireball as well. Stay tuned for developing information about the possible fall zone.

  • NOT saying that this is where THIS asteroid was from, BUT:
    As P X approaches near the asteroid belt, it will start kicking some loose, causing a “scrambled egg effect”. Some will be knocked into orbits that will intersect the orbit of earth. If this object’s course was from south to north, then this just might be a forewarning of things to come…
    J J

  • Hi

    — These are good reason for 2012 predictions.
    TODAYS NEWS from!!!

    — Dark galaxy crashing into the Milky Way
    — 11:00 22 November 2009

    A cloud of hydrogen crashing into our galaxy now appears be a galaxy itself, packed with dark matter – many more may be out there

    —- Space radiation hits record high

    Fear and doubt is not necessary.

    Create your Own Universe..and Beyond.

  • Hi,JB. Interesting that you brought that up about the dark matter crashing into the Milky way. I ran across something the other day that said WE are in a small, globular galaxy, that is currently crashing into the disk shaped Milky Way Galaxy. And here all the time I was thinking we were IN the Milky Way Galaxy! Well…we are, kinda…aren’t we?
    Supposedly the SPT was built to study dark matter. At least that was the official NASA cover story. The REAL reason of course, was to study P X approaching from the South.
    J J

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