Never Miss a KVNU Movie Show!

If you don’t have time to catch the KVNU Movie Show each Friday at 5PM MST, I’ve got good news: You can follow this link and listen to the podcasts at your leisure. Perhaps while scrubbing your bum in the shower, or eating your McMuffin during your morning commute. Or, if you’re an afternoon type of guy – like me – you can listen to my smooth baritone banter back and forth with the seasoned, trusted voice of Jason Williams, whilst you tap away at your ten-key and sip a caffeinated beverage, waiting patiently for the clock to strike 5PM and set you free.

If you have ideas for show topics, leave them in the comments or shoot me a note using this form. You can always follow AATM on Facebook and Twitter. As always, thanks for listening (and reading)!

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