New District 9 Trailer Proves Film is a Must-See

district-9I’ve seen posters and teasers for the Peter Jackson-produced and Neill Blomkamp-directed “District 9,” but until this new, longer trailer was released I had no burning desire, except for Blomkamp and Jackson’s involvement in the Halo motion picture project, to see this sci-fi flick based on Blonkamp’s short film “Alive in Joburg.” This new two minute preview paints a richer, deeper and more revealing look at what seems to be a visually stunning, tense, action-packed, intelligent film. I say this having only watched the  finely tuned, marketing-crafted trailer, but I have a hard time believing Blomkamp’s movie, while maybe not a blockbuster, won’t be critically well-received.

My other hope for “District 9” is studios will see Blomkamp’s talent, maybe have some faith in him as a filmmaker (“District 9” is his first “real” trip to the big screen), and revive the dead horse that is the Halo movie.  We’re two years removed from the release of Halo 3, and with the upcoming Halo games on Bungie’s plate, the time to strike is now.

One other note: “District 9” is going to be R rated, so we won’t get any silly PG-13 appeal to all audiences horsecrap that was dished to us this summer via “Terminator Salvation.”

Check out the trailer below and give us your thoughts. Is this as good as it looks, or am I sucking the fanboy fumes of derangement?

2 comments On New District 9 Trailer Proves Film is a Must-See

  • Glad to have you on board! This new trailer makes District 9 look even better.

  • Yeah this trailer looks a bit more touched up and finished.

    The way he shoots the scenes reminds me of Cloverfield. The shakey cam stuff gets on my nerves but if its not too “in your face micheal gay’ish” then it could be a nifty sci fi flick.

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