New G.I. Joe Trailer Still Filled with Suck

Damn you Stephen Sommers. George Lucas has already sullied my childhood with the pooptastic “Star Wars” prequels, and now you come a long and fail miserably at bringing Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Duke, Cobra Commando and Destro to the big screen. How do I know this? Easy, because this second trailer you’ve assembled for “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” is just like the first – hollow, effects-laden, silly and ridiculous – and leaves me with zero desire or anticipation to see this film version of the real American hero. Thanks for punching the American flag in the face, Stephen.  Jerk.

5 comments On New G.I. Joe Trailer Still Filled with Suck

  • This is a movie for 10-12 year old boys. All others need not apply.

    Stephen Sommers, welcome to director jail.

  • You know what is fun? Mating Barbies with GI Joes.

  • Jenny, I’m with you on that one. My mom stumbled upon many G.I. Joe soldiers fornicating with my sister’s Barbies. I pretty much re-enacted the Kama Sutra 101 with toys. I was a dirty little boy!

    I sure hope that’s what you meant by mating, otherwise, I feel stupid.

  • It was. My cousins favorite pastime was undressing Barbies. Mine was putting them in bed naked together. I’m not sure why, I never walked in on my parents or anything. It must be inherently wired into our brains.

  • Im afraid ill be banned if i throw my 2 cents in on this one.

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