New Hit Girl Poster Makes Me Giddy for Kick-Ass

Next to Clash of the Titans, there is no movie in the next two months I am more excited to see than Kick-Ass. In fact, I’d say there’s nothing in 2010 that has me more giddy than Perseus and Hit Girl. I just can’t fathom how Kick-Ass won’t be anything but a stellar success both critically and monetarily. Matthew Vaughn, the movie’s director, is the man behind the slick (but somewhat over-glorified) Layer Cake, and the under-appreciated Stardust. Below is a UK poster of the filthy-mouthed and deadly Hit Girl, played by up-and-coming Chloe Moretz, last seen as Tom’s wise (and filthy-mouthed) little sister, Rachel, in (500) Days of Summer.

Click to biggie size the image for fresh Kick-Ass goodness. The movie hits megaplexes in the United States on April 16, 2010.

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