New Katniss Casting Rumors for The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games movie, still without a confirmed director (although Gary Ross was thought to be in negotiations), apparently has a finished, Suzanne Collins-penned screenplay. We know this because two actresses, Kaya Scodelario and Lyndsy Fonseca, have let it slip they’re in possession of The Hunger Games script. Scodelario tweeted the revelation and Fonseca exposed as much at the New York Comic Con. If this is true, and it seems to be legit, the folks in the casting department at Lionsgate are going the right direction. Just take a peek at the pics below of Scodelario (left) and Fonseca (right). Again, as much as I love Chloe Moretz, the rumors of her as Katniss Everdeen make me a little grumpy.

Casting Scodelario or Fonseca would fit the bill of finding an unknown to portray the “girl on fire,” as both actresses resumes, particularly Scodelario’s, are devoid of anything huge and noteworthy. Scodelario got her start on a British television series called Skins and has since appeared in Moon and Clash of the Titans, while Fonseca is probably more recognizable for small roles in Kick-Ass and Hot Tub Time Machine.

If I were the casting director for The Hunger Games and had to decide between these two lovely actresses, I would pick Kaya Scodelario in a heartbeat. She has striking, sharp features and an effortless beauty that leads me to believe she could pull of the sweet and salty look and disposition that readers of the novel know inhabits the character of Katniss. Plus, to pull the age card, she’s 18 and Fonseca is 23.

Which one of these actresses would you pick as Katniss Everdeen for The Hunger Games movie? If these two aren’t up to snuff, who else would you suggest?

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  • I think the smart thing for both of them to do is to get some acting advice from Chloe Moretz and hey see may even teach them how to portray a convincing bad ass on screen after all Chloe seems to have a lot of experience in that area.

    • I think Katniss has
      *Dark Long hair
      *Tall Like around 5.5
      *Skinny but not to skinny like a model
      *Not preppy
      *Not To Well Known
      *And Someone who can Act
      *and A bunch of other things I can’t remember
      *I have a friend who looks just like how I imagined Katniss

  • If they don’t go with an unknown for Katniss, I’m not seeing the movie.

  • I’m with you: Kaya!
    I’ve seen a few episodes of Nikita since Lyndsy let out she has the script, and I’m not convinced by her “fierce” side. It seems far too forced.
    I haven’t seen a full episode of Skins (I like my entertainment on the squeakier side of things) but I have seen clips of Kaya, and I think she could play Katniss really, really well, along with having that look that just says “Katniss”.
    Although yesterday Kaya’s manager let The Hunger Games Alliance know that Kaya has actually not seen a script yet, but they were trying to get one for her. Everyone’s confused if this is a cover-up for some reason, fans are going crazy trying to figure out what everything meant.

  • lyndsy is a far more accomplished actress and is actually american and does’nt have a distinct accent like kaya

  • Loving the first book of the Hunger Games can’t wait to see the movies and read the rest of the books…. Yay :)

  • I think Chloe Moretz should Katniss because she’s very talented and she acts so mature for her age. And they should dye her hair dark brown.

  • katniss has olive skin and dark eyes and hair.

  • I love the hunger games sooo much! I have read the whole series like 500’000 times! I think that Lyndsy Should play Katniss (but with brown contacts) because they look more simalar than Kaya and Katniss do. I Also think that willow smith should play Rue but I don’t think that ANYONE whould like it if someone from twilight acted in the movie (especially Kristen Stewart) But yeah, I vote Lyndsy

  • Give moretz a tan, some contacts and hair dye. She’s leagues above the other actresses in acting ability and you need those chops to carry a movie as heavily as Katniss did the books. Though I admit she should grow a bit so prim and rue isn’t the same size as her.

  • Chloe Moretz will not be Katniss Everdeen. Either will Kristen Stewart. The Hunger Games needs its own identity and cannot be tied to any movie star or any other movie franchise. We don’t know if either of the two actresses mentioned in this post will be Katniss, we just know they have the script. Like I said, if I was picking, Kaya would be the choice. She seems to fit the bill pretty well. The truth is, what will matter most, is accumulative casting, the screenplay and how they choose to split the movies up.

  • I would like to see someone like Malese Jow cast as Katniss. She would be perfect!

  • srry. gray eyes

  • I’m in the group of people who think the actress needs to be an unknown! That will be a challenge since this is such a big roll, we all love the books.

  • I support Kaya Scodelario, for the reasons named in this petition. If you also agree she is the best actresss to portray Katniss, feel free to sign there (oh and this is not my petition, I just found it and agreed wholeheartedly). May the odds be ever in your favor!


  • If Katniss is the following:

    *Dark Long hair
    *Tall Like around 5.5
    *Skinny but not to skinny like a model
    *Not preppy
    *Not To Well Known
    *And Someone who can Act

    Then Katniss is Christian Serratos!!!

    • Yeah, but Katniss definitely was not a vegan like Ms. Serratos, so she’s automatically disqualified. Meat rules!

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