New Kick-Ass Trailer Spanks Bum

I so wanted to write “New Kick-Ass Trailer Kicks Ass,” but I swore a vow not to write vomit-inducing headlines on Fridays. But man oh man, I cannot wait for April. Seriously. How awesome does this movie look? What’s not to like about bloody violence, teenage shennanigans and little girls who swear like sailors? Wait, that sounds like any night on XBOX Live. At any rate, check out the first full-length trailer for Kick-Ass and, as always, give us your two cents. Mine? This is an absolute must-see for 2010.

PS – If you haven’t see Hit Girl’s redband clip – check out Dan’s post from a few weeks ago. And click the above image to supersize for more juicy Kick-Ass goodness.

3 comments On New Kick-Ass Trailer Spanks Bum

  • I think id be more excited over this misfit superhero meets superbad movie if i was 20 years younger.

    You summed it up nicely by saying its like any night on xbox live..which doesnt impress me and admittedly frightens me, if you've ever experienced xbox live on a friday night you realize just how effed our next gen youth really are.

    This movie IS xbox live kiddies running around and all i want to do is laugh, which i guess is the point but not in a good way.

  • As someone who plays XBOX live in Friday nights, I say bring it on. I like where this film is going.

    And I like to type Christopher Mintze-Plasse.

  • Tyler..Tyler..Tyler..

    You sir need a beat down in MW2(xbox live)from the old man. =)

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