New Moon Blind Sided by Bullock and Co. at the Box Office

1 SHEET MASTER_TemplateLooks like the New Moon love affair, a pasty and depressing one at that, is over and people – families – are moving on to more uplifting entertainment. Yes, after three weeks at number one, The Twilight Saga: New Moon was booted from the box office top spot by The Blind Side, the true-to-life story of Baltimore Raven’s offensive lineman, Michael Oher and how he was taken in and loved by Tuhoy family. Sandra Bullock (The Proposal) stars as Leigh Anne Tuhoy, the strong-willed matriarch who spearheads the family’s eventual adoption of Oher.

Frankly, for a movie to hit number one in its third release week is pretty remarkable, but let’s not get too excited – there was nothing outstanding at the box office to challenge either New Moon or The Blind Side, something that will assuredly happen next weekend when Disney’s The Princess and The Frog goes wide. However, I won’t lie – I didn’t expect New Moon to get whooped by nearly $5 million by The Blind Side. The question now is will the easily evident word-of-mouth boost for film help any best actress buzz for Sandra Bullock as we head into award’s season? From someone who will be voting in the Utah Film Critics Association’s annual awards in two weeks, let me say this: No way. As I said before, she’s solid, but it’s not Oscar-worthy in any way, shape or form.

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