New Moon’s Box Office Debut = Holy Effin’ Ess!

2241068The Twilight Saga: New Moon killed, killed, killed at the box office this weekend with close to $141 million thanks to the deep pockets of chicks across the land. Earlier in the week, industry tracking had New Moon at a respectable $60-70 million. While we here at AATM “doubted the validity” of those numbers, I don’t think it was until the midnight premieres that there was an inkling the movie would inspire an opening that would land it THIRD ALL TIME BOX OFFICE right behind The Dark Knight ($158 million) and Spider-Man 3 ($151 million)- both of which had an even audience spread. Hail to the power of male objectification wish-fulfillment women!

Thing is? Numbers will most likely be higher when “actuals” (the actual dollars adjusted after a full Sunday run– not just today’s estimate) come in on Monday/Tuesday. I can’t say that I’m surprised, and yet, I’m still kind of surprised.

While a $140 million dollar haul doesn’t validate New Moon in terms of quality as much as it shows the Twilight brand is a platinum mine, New Moon‘s massive success should give director Chris Weitz (who I inexplicably have a ton of good will for) a mood boost and a reason to hold of on improving his surfing technique. It’s also a “HA-HA!” to Paramount studios, who passed on renewing the rights to Twilight a few years back before Summit snatched it up and started printing gold coins off it.

That said, we can finally put New Moon behind us and look forward to some other great films coming out this holiday season… you know, as a breather until May/June of next year when stylistic and dark director David Slade delivers Twilight‘s third chapter,  Eclipse, to Summer Prime Time.

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