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As I’ve said many times before, The Road is one of my most beloved novels of all-time and a movie I’m anticipating greatly. The cast – Viggo Mortenson (Eastern Promises), Charlize Theron (In the Valley of Elah), Guy Pearce (The Hurt Locker) and Robert Duvall (We Own the Night) is top notch and the source material (Cormac McCarthy) is pure gold. Still, even with a pre-release 88% on RottenTomatoes, I can’t help but think The Road is going to be overlooked amongst critics and award-givers. The feeling I have is it will be like Black Hawk Down or The Kingdom of Heaven, two fantastic films that didn’t garner the love some expected.

At any rate, I can’t speculate when The Road will wind up in Cache Valley, but you’ll be able to catch it in SLC starting November 25th.  Check out the new poster below and give me your thoughts.


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  • Not a fan. The first, with the ghostly little hand clutching a protective father, was far more affecting and poignant. This is just… blah.

  • After seeing the trailer and reading a lot of good buzz surrounding this, I’m very much looking forward this film’s release.

    Also, Kingdom of Heaven was an ok film when it hit theaters… then I saw Ridley’s 3 1/2-hour cut and was absolutely amazed. Great film and can’t understand why THAT version wasn’t the one released. I’ll throw in another underappreciated Ridley Scott film- “1492: Conquest of Paradise”.. great film, imo!

  • Agreed, SKG, the director’s cut was far better than the theatrical version. I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen 1492 but because of you it has now been added to my Netflix queue. I shall return and report.

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