New Wolfman Poster Still Hairy, Not Dumb

wolfman_ver4A few weeks back, AATM was host to a minor row over Universal’s debut of some “artsy” The Wolfman posters. I liked the overall concept, but my esteemed colleague and others didn’t agree.

I was dejected. And sad.

Hopefully, Universal has redeemed itself with the newer poster at left. It’s one of a couple Universal debuted last week and if you don’t think this one is more striking, straightforward and scary-like, well, I don’t know what to tell you. Of course, the scary thing only registers if werewolves creep you out– and I have to admit, they do give me the creeps. Damn you, and the emotional scars your werecatwolf left on my 8-year-old psyche , Michael Jackson.

What about you, previous poster loathers? Does this new version leave your lupine demands satisfied? Say yes.

7 comments On New Wolfman Poster Still Hairy, Not Dumb

  • Yes that’s better. I like that one, it’s creepy enough!

  • Something tells me this is going to be ass..

    I hope im drop dead wrong here cause Anthony Hopkins is in it and anything that guy is in even if its a turd, he brings it up 3 notches.

  • Danny, I hope you are wrong (but I have a sneaky feeling you may not be.) I’ve been waiting so long for this film and looking forward to it so much, that I really hope it won’t end up as another coupe of hours of my life that I’m looking to reclaim.

  • I’m with you both on this movie…it has the potential to be good, especially with the talent attached, i.e. Weaving, Blunt, del Toro and Hopkins. However, the delays and my cold shoulder towards Joe Johnston have me thinking otherwise. I think this will all add up to me being pleasantly surprised.

  • This movie has been bumped into oblivion and, as recently as a week or two ago, gone back for a wholesale re-edit. This movie has been a cluster in production and execution. Hopefully, like you guys say, it’ll be a pleasant distraction.

  • Well, having been to see this today, it was worth the wait,in my opinion. Del Toro and Hopkins excellent as usual and supporting cast did a good job. The house featured, Chatsworth, is quite near to where I live, so it was interesting to see how they changed it into an atmospheric old pile, given how beautiful it really is.

  • That is awesome, Susan! We’ll have a review up tomorrow, but I think you and I are going to be giving it similar grades. I saw it last night and really enjoyed it. Like you said, Hopkins was great and the locations were fantastic.

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