(No) Surprise! Wolverine Takes Weekend Box Office

wolverine-may-1As expected, X-Men Origins: Wolverine took down the pants of all May 1 contenders and paddled their bum-parts with its box office might. Wolverine opened up with pretty much what data showed it was tracking for, roughly $87 million. Not the 100+ million opening seen by its predecessor or even Spider-Man/Pirates of the Caribbean, but not underperforming either– in short, no surprises. From all feedback I’ve noted, the movie is a crowd-pleaser despite its critical loathing, so I won’t begin to assume what it’s going to drop when it goes up against the well-reviewed but audience-cautious Star Trek next week.

As a testament to how much Wolverine did dominate (to be fair, against weak competition), Ghosts of Girlfriends Past only managed $15 million but came in second. New Line must be pleased either way. The other opener, Battle For Terra, didn’t even come in 8th as I’d optimistically predicted here… it came in 12th– cold-cocked clean out of the ring and landing on its face two spots out of the top 10 entirely. Look for a quick bow on DVD. I’m guessing July/August, should anyone care.

The hits keep rolling, with, as mentioned, Star Trek and Andy’s must-miss: Next Day Air opening in just short five days. Welcome, Summer. It’s been too long.

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  • Screw the critics….I LOVED this show!!!!!

  • It’ll be number two or three next week. I’d love to understand what magic number films need to hit between DVD, box office, etc to be considered a success.

  • I went to see “Wolverine” Sunday night at Stadium 8. Despite being reminded why I hate Weststates (substandard theaters, sound cut out twice during loud explosions) and why I hate Cache Valley moviegoers (bring a baby to the theater? check. Feet on the chair right next to me? check. Talking throughout the film? check.) I really enjoyed the film.

    The critics got this wrong and it was an indication of why you can’t always go by critics. Are you reviewing the movie based on a standard where it needs to be a cinematic masterpiece or are you reviewing it based on entertainment value?

    For me, I didn’t LOVE the character of Wolverine in the three X-Men movies. I didn’t hate him, but wasn’t enthralled by him. It was nice to learn about his origin though, and I’m tempted to go back and watch the original three movies just to see the references to Wolverine’s past again.

    I went into the movie with low expectations, was very pleasantly surprised, felt like I didn’t waste my money and that was that.

  • Amen. Review the movie based on enjoyment. Everything isn’t designed to be an Oscar-winner. Snooty critics bug me. I don’t think I’m that type, but if I ever am, I hope somebody calls me out.

  • Yep, yep. Good call, Tyler. Like I said, everyone who’s seen this has really enjoyed it. It’s in for a drop this coming weekend, but we’ll see what word of mouth does for it. Incidentally, my movie enjoyment always goes up when I arrive with low expectations. I loved Mummy 2.

    I think it boils down to what we spoke to on the movie show last week– all comic book films are being critiqued on The Dark Knight, as opposed to their identity. I think we see this here via the critical vs. commercial response. Of course, Paul Blart and Wild Hogs ran into the same thing. Three cheers for subjectivity!

  • Ofcorse.
    Wolverine will takes Box Office with his X-Men Origins.

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