Obligatory MTV Movie Awards Post


So MTV just announced the nominees for its largely pathetic annual movie marketing awards show. No big surprise here – “Twilight” racked up seven nominations, including Best Actress Who Really is a Huge Pothead and Shiny Skin My Butt Award (also known as the OMG! You Pasty Bastard! Award). I kid, of course, but really, that’s about how credible MTV’s golden popcorn trophies are in the realm of cinema.

The only thing remotely good about the MTV Movie Awards are the skits done each year. My mind is somewhat fuzzy, but I believe last year’s were so-so and the year before absolutely sucked. Perhaps with Andy Samberg on board as host this year’s show will be full of laughs. I wet my pants every time I see Mark Walhberg talks to animals, so there is definitely a chance.

Despite the recent drought, there have been some gems through the years and my personal favorite is Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller pitching to Peter Jackson a few sequel ideas for “The Lord of the Rings.” You can see that below and the rest of MTV’s Movie Award skits (including “Tankman”) by clicking the “more” link below.

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