On The Road Again

the-road_coverCormac McCarthy is one of those rare and celebrated artists who don’t need to die before their recognition as legendary. With a heap of plays and novels under his belt, Cormac McCarthy’s gained even more clout in recent years thanks to the Coen brothers Oscar-winning adaptation of No Country for Old Men and his most recent novel, The Road. Or, as it’s come to be known between Andy and me: The book guaranteed to turn you survivalist.

The Road, a stark, bleak and ultimately touching story about a man and his son as they traverse a post- apocalyptic and savage United States in search of hope and security,  has already been adapted and filmed (starring Viggo “stop calling me Aragorn” Mortensen), having spent its last few months bouncing from a holiday 2008 release to October 2009.

Slash Film drew attention to a heap of recently posted concept art (illustrations created to evoke the look and feel of the movie) from  The Road that have been posted to Flickr. If they’re further indication of images already available, the film adaptation of The Road has absolutely nailed the sparse nihilism I’ve felt while reading the novel. Here’s to hoping the push in release dates isn’t a veiled indication of the the sparse nihilism of the film’s quality.

To check out all the images, click here.

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