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Full Length Paranormal Activity 4 Trailer is Tobylicious

We are a few days away from the start of the wonderful month of October and that means Paranormal Activity 4, the newest installment in the popular (and creepy as hell) Paranormal Activity franchise, is only a few weeks away! That’s right, on October 19th, Toby is back and ready to haunt a new cubbyhole, and based on the newest trailer below, directors Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost (the duo behind Paranormal Activity 3 and Catfish), have ratcheted the scares

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Sinister Red Band Trailer Makes My Skin Crawl

It’s that time of year where we get a plethora of pre-Halloween scary flicks, most of which turn out to be not-so-scary and oh-so-lame. Me? I love scary movies. I’m not sure why, since I close my eyes and wet my pants, automatically de-masculating myself. However, with that said, there are three on my radar that have the potential to make my buttcheeks the diamond-producing capital of the civilized world. First up, sliding into theaters on October 5th is V/H/S,

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The Hobbit Trailer is 100 Percent Perfection, Precious!

Yes, I hate the fact The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is going to be in 3D, and yes, if you must know, the first teaser trailer didn’t really get my blood pumping. I know it’s Peter Jackson and I know it’s a return to Middle Earth, so how could it not be anything short of stellar, right? Still, it felt Star Wars prequel-esque to me, especially with all the goofy plastic-faced dwarves tossing plates and having a midget Mordor ho-down

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RoboCop Reboot Photo & Poster Uncover Terrible 1987 Memories

The year was 1987 and I had become my dad’s little movie buddy. We saw Aliens, Stand by Me, Cobra and Platoon, to name a few – but the film that traumautized me more than anything was Paul Verhoven’s RoboCop. The movie is hokey and cheesy and full of all kinds of bad 80s action, but the scene at the beginning of the movie, in the abandoned warehouse, where Murphy (Peter Weller) is tortured and shot, was shockingly real and

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Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln Trailer Arrives and Smells of Oscar

By now most folks have seen the paparazzi pictures of a chinstrapped Daniel Day-Lewis (There Will Be Blood) relaxing in a café during the filming of Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, and if you haven’t seen that snapshot, then you’ve definitely seen the poster for Lincoln, due for wide release in theaters on November 16, 2012. Despite Day-Lewis’ amazing resemblance to the 16th president of the United States and a surefire best actor Oscar nod, there hasn’t been a trailer or media

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Sinister Poster Warns of Massive Megaplex Butt Puckering on October 12!

Anyone who has tuned in to the KVNU For the People Movie Show (610 AM and 102.1 FM) or done any reading at Andy at The, knows that I have a soft spot for found footage films and have found my butt cheeks at diamond clinching strength numerous times over the last several years with the Paranormal Activity franchise, as well as The Descent, The Strangers, The Fourth Kind and Insidious. In fact, I’m counting down the days until

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Behold Bella’s Redeye! Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trailer Teases Final Flick!

A new trailer for the second installment of Breaking Dawn hit the web this week and, because I had forgot the Twilight Saga even existed, it reminded me that The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is five months away from premiering in multiplexes across the country and that means the cash train of teenage (and cougar) squeals and lust is about to come to a screeching halt. Obviously there will be a DVD/Blu-ray release and the subsequent boxed set of goodies and extras,

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Twilight Prom Dress Unmitigated Proof the Apocalypse is Nigh

Listen, I’m no bully. I’m a nice guy. I love pretty much everyone (except for guys the farmer blow in the gym showers and the old grandpas at the gym who give me a hearty dose of Lord Sauron’s redeye whilst bending over two inches from my face as I tie my shoes). I would never bully a grandma riding the bus, or leave YouTube comments telling people to go kill themselves. Never ever. But in the case of this

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THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Has A New Trailer And I Just Wet My Pants with Excitement!

What can I say, I’m a little behind in my trailer postings here at Andy at The, so in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past three weeks, you’ve probably already seen the full-length, beefy, wet-your-pants-from-excitement feature trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, the (presumably) last movie in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight). Nevertheless, I post it below for your enjoyment and for your comments. This full length trailer gives us just

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