Paranormal Activity Original Ending, Part Deux

A few weeks ago I posted the original ending/alternate ending video for Paranormal Activity, but soon thereafter the video was removed from YouTube. Here it is again, this time from As I stated before, the new ending, supposedly the one suggested by Steven Spielberg, where (SPOILER HIGHLIGHT TO READ) Micah is thrown into the camera, presumably already dead, by Katie, is by far the best ending. I appreciate what Peli was doing below, but it’s just not got the punch as the one attached to prints in theaters. See for yourself and let us know what you think.

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  • this the same ending as on the movie i know i have it this is not the alternate ending

  • Naughty, naughty, Boo. You’ve stolen an early cut. There’s also 3 or 4 more endings, one with a gruesome suicide and another with cops showing up and igniting some righteous fury.

  • I’m guessing Boo probably illegally downloaded this movie and that would make sense, because Peli handed out boatloads of the DVD at Screamfest and Slamdance.

    There are three endings:

    1. The ending shown above, i.e. the ending attached to the original film shown at Screamfest and Slamdance, and the one sent to potential distributors.

    2. The ending presently in theaters where Katie tosses Micah’s body at the camera, sniffs it and then attacks the camera.

    3. Another ending where Katie returns to the bedroom and slits her own throat with a knife.

    Those are the endings, Boo. Shame shame.

  • the video wont play… dang i’ve been searching everywhere for the alternate endings. :[

  • Heather…yeah, looks like the video has been removed. Darn. Looks like they don’t want to spoil anything for the DVD release. I’ll try to find another.

  • The ending that was aired over in the US was different to the one that was aired in Australia and perhaps elsewhere. The one aired over here was the posted above, however after searching alternate endings it seems apparent that they screened the second scenario mentioned by Andy above in the US when the movie was first released over there. Ive heard rumors of the third one as well, but thus far i havent heard anyone speak of actually seeing it. Even in the trailers it shows two seconds of the flying body which you obviously do not see in the released movie over here. Im really keen to see both other endings, so if anyone can get there hands on them.. Go for gold i say!

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