Eh, Okay, If You Say So

home_onesheetA few years ago a movie was made by Oren Peli called Paranormal Activity, sort of like The Blair Witch Project sans the trees and the witch. The movie follows a couple living in San Diego who buy some video equipment to film the spooks and specters they believe are haunting their house. Obviously not a smart move because, really, who in the hell wants to know what kind of mysterious shenanigans are happening whilst they sleep? Not me.

DreamWorks bought Peli’s movie and had plans to remake it, much to the shagrin of fans who had seen the flick at various film festivals, most notably Telluride. When Paramount Pictures bought DreamWorks, they found this gathering dust in the ol’ vault and now – boom – the studio has a “creepy” trailer out and is trying to push this film virally, asking visitors to “tweet” their screams. The site claims limited release now and asks you to “demand” this movie come to your city. I demanded Paranormal Activity come to Logan, Utah and the site told me 10 other people are demanding the movie come to my city. Um, I don’t think it’s going to come anytime soon. Shucks.

But that’s okay, because based on this trailer, I’ll have to take the word of Ain’, and that Paranormal Activity is one of the scariest movies of all time, because this trailer looks lame. It looks like a fun movie to hit up with your significant other, where you can be scared just because everyone is anticipating being scared. But real, legitimate chills? I’m not convinced.

Check out the trailer for Paranormal Activity below. What say ye?

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