Patrick Swayze was a Lover AND a Fighter

patrick-swayzePatrick Swayze died yesterday at age 57 from pancreatic cancer, something his family, fans and the public have kind of expected since he was diagnosed with the disease in March of 2008. I’m not going to sit her and mince words and say Swayze was a great actor. He wasn’t. But Swayze was talented and was a fantastic entertainer. He was a big fixture in cinema during my high school days and proved that dudes can kick ass and be a cultured lady-killer in the same breath.

My favorite Patrick Swayze films are as follows:

Point Break: “You’re going dooooown, Bodhi!”

Roadhouse: From this movie I learned one of life’s valuable lessons, as taught by Swayze’s character in the film, Dalton: “Take the biggest guy in the world, shatter his knee and he’ll drop like a stone.”

Youngblood: This is the movie where Patrick Swayze taught Rob Lowe how to not be a pretty boy wuss. As a side note, Rob Lowe and Cynthia Gibb’s love scene by the fire was not a good thing for a 15 year-old boy to see. And by not a good thing, I mean totally awesome.

Red Dawn: Swayze was the leader of the Wolverines and how could anyone not growing up in the 1980s not love this movie? This came out in 1984 and was the first PG-13 movie released in theaters. I should also point out Red Dawn’s release during the USA vs. Soviet Union nuclear war fears made this movie oh so relevant. I was sure I’d have to hightail it with my weapons to the mountains and live off the land.

Ghost: I think I took every girl I dated my junior year in high school to this movie. That pottery wheel scene with Demi Moore is one for the ages, and this movie was probably Swayze’s best acting.

Are you surprised Dirty Dancing isn’t on my list? Don’t be. That movie sucks. However, there is one good thing that came out of Dirty Dancing and I leave it for your viewing pleasure below.

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