Pixar gives you… Storks

Pixar, to date, has been sterling. Even their middling efforts (Cars, as most would say– but I’d disagree) hold to a higher entertainment standard than most films bust months of hump to achieve. The Disney/Looney Toon reminiscent shorts, the cute vignettes shown before the Pixar movie you’re paying to see, are usually equally stellar– just bite-sized.

With this year’s Pixar project Up just a few weeks away, Pixar has released a snippet from the short preceding it: Partly Cloudy. If you enjoy watching storks drop babies of all kinds off at various doorsteps, you’re in for a real treat. Sadly, the clip ends just as the last remaining storks doom themselves by flying into an electrical storm–  forcing the world to start making babies the old fashioned way again. Man.

Still, Pixar could animate Grampa Wickerbottom picking his toenails and it would be worth watching just for the guaranteed eye candy.

And with that mental image, enjoy:

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