Please God Don’t Let Dane Cook Play the Riddler

I realize this is just Dane Cook having a Cialis moment about what movies he’d like to be a part of, but honestly, if this ever happened, I’d take all my Christopher Nolan movies out into the street and set them on fire. I’d also set my Batman underpants on fire and would drive to Joel Schumacher’s house, drop to one knee and punch him in the satchel. Yes, that’s how terrible, awful and unforgiving a Dane Cook Batman casting would be. He could play a limo driver or just a guy sitting at a park bench watching squirrels and not have any dialog and I’d still go with my plan of devastation and nutsackular jihad. Check out the MTV clip below courtesy of MTV’s Movie Blog.

“What would your Riddler be like?” Really? I hope the girl interviewing lost her job and in in a bread line right now.

Did I mention I think Dane Cook blows? No? Well, he does.

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  • Im not sure why everyone hates on this guy.
    Im not sure why you despise him either Andy, im not a Dane Cook fan but i also dont hate the guy, he seems like a pretty cool dude.

    He played a decent retarded ahole in Mr.Brooks and i remember seeing his hbo standup special and it was hilarious, the whole mortal combat bit had me in tears. each his own.

    • Danny, can’t believe you actually called someone a retarded ahole. Ugh. Ever stop to think about how your comment demeans and offends people with special needs? They get when you are mocking them and it’s time to stop using the word retarded as slang.

  • Dude – Dane is funny! You may not like his comedic style or the jokes that he tells, but he’s certainly not the schmuch you wax on about. The fact that you have Batman underpants to set on fire explains a lot though! Lighten up!

  • I agree, Dane wouldn’t make a good Riddler, but I like Dane, so back off Andy!

  • HELLO! His mouth is as large as it gets people…perfect!

    • Yeah, that would have been great for the Joker! Not so much for the Riddler. Again, he has no place in a Batman movie.

  • Im sensing some Dane Cook sexual tension here Andy..

  • The rumour over here was that David Tennant would like the part. What do you think – might make a good job of it.

  • That would be a great pick, Susan. He’s got that very angular, sharp face. I bet he could play crazy, and Nolan likes ACTORS, which is why his movies are fantastic, especially the Batman films.

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