Please, Sir, May I Have Some More Angry Demons!

I love scary movies. Not in the way you’d love baby kittens or a pony, but in the sadomasochistic fashion where I enjoy the rush of adrenalin that zips through my body moments before I have the ever-lovin’ bejeezus scared out of me by some sort of heart-stopping, poop-your-pants boogeyman on the big screen. Over the last few years, this addiction has been thoroughly satiated by Paranormal Activity and Paranormal Activity 2.  These voyeuristic haunted house movies make me laugh and tinkle in my shorts. I get another opportunity to embarrass myself this October when Paranormal Activity 3 hits theaters (October 21, 2011 to be exact).

We don’t know a lot about PA3, but the teaser trailer (see below) gives us some clues. Apparently this outing is a prequel (18 years before the first two Paranormal Activity flicks) and we get to see just what Katie and Kristi did to have an angry demon stalking them 24/7. Hint: playing Bloody Mary in the bathroom does not bode well for you if you’re looking to live a demon-free life. Another interesting tidbit: Paranormal Activity 3 is directed by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost. Not household names, but if you’ve seen the buzzed about documentary Catfish, then I would suspect PA3 is in good hands.

3 comments On Please, Sir, May I Have Some More Angry Demons!

  • Are they stupid?! “Hey Kristi lets go say bloody Mary a couple of times and make an angry demon come into our home.” “Okay Katie.” Really?! I’m sorry I know it isn’t real but seriously no little girl would do that! Trust me I would know! Do you know why? One because it is dark and it’s Bloody Mary! Why would I say that? Other than that it looks really good and scary and one of those movies where somehow the hairs on my arms are taller than me.

  • Emma, that is because you are a good girl…. I remember in second grade all the girls sneaking into the bathroom to try out the bloody mary thing! I am pretty sure I am haunted, so I advise against it.:)

    • Oh so I bet you are the one that brought the ghost into our house! For shame ma’dam for shame!!!!!!!

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