Please, Sir, May I Have Some More Bad Boys?

bad-boys-070219-bigI could definitely find a place for Bad Boys and Bad Boys II in the Showcase of Shame, especially given the flicks’ Rotten Tomatoes 42 and 23 percent stinktastic rankings, but that’s another post. This post is about Columbia Pictures hiring Sally Field’s son, Peter Craig, to pen the screenplay for Bad Boys III, with the studio crossing its fingers that Michael Bay, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will once again join forces. Smith and Lawrence are locks for a re-up, but I’m not so sure about Michael Bay. Does he really need more critics crapping on him after Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen? His track record hasn’t been stellar as of late. On the other hand, does he even care? His movies rake in the dough, so perhaps he cares more for the average theatergoer’s opinion than he does some stuffy critic.

Either way, I vote yes and say please, sir, may I have some more Bad Boys. I also leave you with this clip from Bad Boys II, where Mike (Smith) and Marcus (Lawrence) dodge cars on a Miami causeway.

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