Predator might “Get to the Choppaaaaaah!”

arnold-and-predatorSince we’re in the era of the reboot (Star Trek, James Bond, Friday the 13th), why not get to rebooting some Predator— the quintessential high point of 80’s blow-em-up and a particularly sweaty menage-a-trois of muscle on guns on alien action. “Why not indeed”, I say.

On the whole, I cling to very few action movies of the 80s– too much hair, too many trampolined bodies and never enough wince-worthy one liners. Of course, there’s always exceptions– mine just happens to be Predator. 22 years later, the film still holds up, with  more than a few movies having taken cues from its action beats and premise. Apparently, Sin City (and Desperado… and Spy Kids… and Planet Terror) director Robert Rodriguez whipped out a treatment for a sequel called Predators about 15 years ago– a treatment which has been getting some 20th Century Fox reconsideration over the last four months and has his Troublemakers Studio attached to produce– despite the apparent demise of the franchise at the introduction of the weak-willed and lazy Aliens vs. Predator series.

I have to admit a geektacular bit of unwarranted protectionism on this franchise, and to hear the new plot possibly revolving around a bunch of commandos being taken captive and back to the Predator home planet to encounter alien critters both large and small has me feeling all kinds of trepidation. That and I’m unimpressed by Robert Rodriguez’ films– not because he’s got no skill, the guy’s amazing and a true independent who does everything from screenwriting to effects to scoring in his “garage”– but because his penchant for extraneous gore and shock isn’t my bag.

To read the Robert Rodriguez interview and more detail on a potential Predator reboot via from Ain’t It Cool News, click here. In the mean time, we’ll keep you posted on any new developments should you care… and any word on whether Arnold Schwarznegger’s legendary line “Git to da Choppah!” receives a second chance at life.

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