Prince of Persia Looks… Sandy

I probably don’t need to go into a rant on video game adaptations and their track record of pooptitude– it’s a simple cinematic fact (to date)  and exists as its own rule– right along side Penelope Cruz equaling Box Office Poison and an assurance of a Matthew McConaughey romcom (is there any other kind?) containing shirt misplacemant and drawling “aawwwwll raaaighhhhts”. Still, high hops have been foistered in the form of Prince of Persia, the film based on the climbing, swinging, time-bending and undead sword fighting video game franchise of the same name.

Uber-producer Jerry “I can make a movie out of anything” Bruckheimer, of course, is out to reinvent the crappy adaptation trend and give it new life with happy-go-lucky Jake Gyllenhall and the steady directorial hand of Mike Newell. I gotta be honest, from what’s contained below, I’m not seeing much more than Scorpion King III: The Quest to Clothe Gyllenhall’s Abs, but if past production is any indication of future, that’s not Bruckheimer’s style.

You can take me at my word or get a feel for the unsubstantial fluff below all by yourself.

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time is due to sink or swim on 2010.

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  • Boy, I don’t know. First off, I think the “Prince of Persia” game, at least the one I recently played on the XBOX 360, was boring. At first glance, this movie looks to be crap as well. I’ll hang my hat on Mr. Gyllenhall’s charisma for this movie, but I don’t have a lot of hope.

    And is it just me, or does Jerry Bruckheimer look like he might be visiting from Planet Beardatron?

  • Andy, it is Mustache May ya know. Maybe he was growing it out in anticipation.

  • No, I think Captain Bruckheimer is from Planet Beardatron for sure. In fact, he might be the Vice President. Furthermore, he might have traveled here on the German starcruiser the “SS Homosexueller Bart.” Yes, that’s German for “gay beard.”

  • like the pirate?

  • Bruckheimer constructed planet Beardatron out of brawn and whiskers. He is Beardatron’s everlasting Overlord.

  • I see they haven’t outlawed PED’s in the last SAG contract.

  • Yeah!!
    U’r right. “Prince of Persia Are… Sandy”

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