Prince of Persia Posters Look Awkward

Prince of Persia-GemmaI guess I was expecting something without a modern, sans-sarif font. But Jake Gyllenhall does look like the prince from the video games (an Anglo Saxonian in Persian clothes!)  and the girl (Gemma Atterton)  looks like she was able to wash all that crude oil from James Bond’s room off and put on some clothes.


In the mean time, I don’t know of these are real (I wouldn’t be surprised to learn they’re not) or variants or what, but while the photography is cool, the posters themselves are uber-generic and belie nothing about the epic, fun tone this film is set to put on. If these are studio one-sheets… boo. They’re kinda sucky.

Prince of Persia-posing Jake

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  • I’m not sure on this movie. If it’s anything like “Pirates,” then it has a shot at being commercially and critically successful, but I just don’t see that happening. I don’t think Jake Gyllenhaal has really established himself as a leading man, or a good actor for that matter. He’s okay in “Brokeback,” but it’s Ledger and Ang Lee that drive that movie. About the only things I’ve liked him in are “October Sky” and “Zodiac.” I guess all I’m saying is I’m remaining fully committed to my skepticism.

  • His performance in Bubble Boy was..fabulous!

    ..As for those posters..thats some lazy assed fonts Disney’s got goin on there.

    Did they drum those up on an iphone?

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