Ralph Macchio: Wax On, F**k Off!

The Karate Kid remake opens tomorrow and is currently hovering at 55% fresh on RottenTomatoes.com. It’s hard to fathom a classic from my youth being remade with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith, son of Will, but I suppose as the hair gets grayer this is bound to happen. Plus, Hollywood is infatuated with the 1980s right now, so in all honesty The Karate Kid remake is a no-brainer. Could this be the week Shrek Forever After gets knocked off the box-office throne? I’m betting yes and I’m also wagering The Karate Kid will be the number one movie when receipts are tallied on Monday.

Speaking of getting older, Ralph Macchio, i.e. Pony Boy and Daniel LaRusso, is 48 years old and really hasn’t done much since his days on the cover of Tiger Beat. But he recently teamed up with Funny or Die.com for this documentary on his life, aptly titled Wax On, F**k Off!

Click the article heading to watch the clip, or just click here.

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