“Red Dawn” goodies get you giddy for a Chinese occupation

On KVNU’s Movie Show Friday night, Andy and Dan delivered a brief preview of the biggest movies that will come to theaters (unless the movies, you know, make you think, in that case Westates won’t bring them to Logan) in 2010.

One of the movies they mentioned, the remake of “Red Dawn,” reminded me to start doing a little Googling to find morsels of information about the updating of the 1984 Cold War thriller that made every teenage boy in America shout out in pride, “Wolverines!!!!!”

Here’s what I found:


As you can tell, unlike the 1984 original, which featured the Commie Russians invading the U.S., the update will have the Chinese as the antagonists.

Here is a video that someone posted on YouTube from the outdoor set in Detroit. It shows a lot cool posters and imagery that, presumably, will be seen in the movie.

Red Dawn 2010

The remake doesn’t have any super major name stars as far as I can gather, but that might be OK for a film like this.

The new Red Dawn is scheduled for a November 24 release.

7 comments On “Red Dawn” goodies get you giddy for a Chinese occupation

  • Excellent first post, Mr. Riggs. This is definitely one of my top 10 for 2010. Ain’t nothin’ better than watching commies get the what for at the hand of the hotties from Friday Night Lights.

  • Oh good hell..does this mean Riggs is gonna be posting here too?
    You gents must be desperate!

    ..This movie sounds completely retarded.

    No one will ever take the place of Swayzee!

  • Danny, you cranky ol’ bastard.

  • Danny, you’re just mad that you’re a communist MMA lover and this movie is going to kick communist ass.

  • The best thing Patrick Swayze ever did was sing “She’s Like the Wind.” Oh, and Point Break. And Road House.

  • Haha nice!

    ..And Andy, No one puts baby in the corner!

  • Seriously though, Swayze was a badass in Road House. Remember when he ripped that guys throat out using The Shocker? Awesome.

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