Release Data-apalooza: Thor, Pirates 4 and Let Me In

With recent news that Spider-Man 4 is hitting snags to the point of missing it’s 2011 release date, Marvel’s come up with a new plan: Thor! Of course, Thor was already planning on an early “summer” debut, but this delay allows Marvel Studios and Thor distributor Paramount to move the release date up to the sweet summer kick-off spot of May 11, 2011–  betting on Sony’s inability to make Spider-Man 4 happen. In the mean time, Thor‘s vacancy then opens up May 20th, which has been nabbed by Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides (Marvel and Disney are now married and baby making, you’ll remember). It’s a big ol’ game of musical chairs and one that’s not a very interesting news item–after all, this far out, release dates can be shuffled…again– other than the fact it underlines the Disney/Marvel connection and, despite Spider-Man and Thor both being Marvel properties, healthy studio elbowing.

That said, does anyone give two mjolnirs about Thor? Growing up I always thought he was not only dumb looking, but boring as crap. I’ll be happy to reassess the guy in 2011, but yeah.

Aaaand..segue! Speaking of Norse type stuff, the critically ravished (not to be confused with ravaged) Swedish vampire film Let The Right One In has a remake in the pipeline and has received it’s own release date as well. Let Me In, directed by Cloverfield‘s Matt Reeves will be arriving just in time for Halloween: October 1, 2010.Set in New Mexico and served up without those pesky subtitles, the US version replaces the Euro winter with a New Mexico version.

Let The Right One In is a minimalist, cold and pretty fantastic little bit of Swedish filmmaking. That’s not to sully our “vampires are dumb” rule, but Let The Right One In is more My Bodyguard meets adolescent The Crying Game but with much less penis and way more platelet-letting kid violence. If you haven’t seen it, rent it. At the least you’ll have a reference when the US version hits in October and if it’s rad, you can say you knew it before it got all famous.  

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  • I'm not at all jazzed about Thor, and maybe that's good. Perhaps it'll come in under the radar and surprise me. I remain skeptical, though.

    As for Let the Right One In, I think I need to see it again. I enjoyed it and thought it was engrossing, but I'm not sure I was enamored with it to the point that I was singing its praises from the rooftops like other critics last year. I like your My Bodyguard comparison. The scene that haunts me is the ending. All is quiet under the water as we see the dismembered body parts from the bullying teens hit the pool.

  • All I know about Thor is what I learned from Adventures in Babysitting.
    Now that was a great movie.
    If you're only ten.

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